One of the most energizing things I regularly do is to partner with those who are distractible, or learn differently, to help them make their lives more productive and fulfilling.

Areas of Expertise

Assessing specific areas of difficulty contributing to academic failure, and accompanying anxiety, and helping the student employ alternate learning strategies and anxiety/stress intervention strategies

Using appropriate learning strategies to help students remediate areas that are below grade level

Providing support and resources for families with children having learning differences, ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome/High Functioning Autism

Coaching parents to provide academic support strategies for homework, and child advocacy skills for school

Coaching distractible adults with the goal of finding greater satisfaction in relationships and productivity

Marriage Intensive Care and Parenting workshops with Dr. Bob Moore (see Bob Moore services)

With each student, Nancy is able to swiftly understand the student, both mind and spirit. Furthermore, Nancy easily develops a positive rapport with students and their families in a kind and gentle manner.