I have spent a lifetime empathizing, encouraging, and empowering people of all ages.

Areas of Expertise

Counseling (Psychotherapy)

I use empirically supported therapies to treat the most serious disorders. After a thorough assessment, I would identify with my client, determine problems on which to work, set appropriate goals, and determine the correct therapeutic intervention(s) to be used. Meeting those goals would be a therapeutic benchmark throughout the therapy. My specialties include marital and pre-marital therapy, parenting, family therapy, trauma therapies (EMDR and Splankna thought-field therapy), DBT, and a fusion of spiritual/Biblical perspectives and traditional therapy that is available to the client as appropriate. I have focused treatment for those with various addictions, especially sexual addiction. I take most major insurances and work with clients on a sliding scale.

Teaching/Motivational Speaking

I have taught on a wide variety of subjects to a broad spectrum of audiences. My focus is on Counseling and Biblical issues/problems. Topics have included emotional health, individual counseling, marriage and family counseling, distinguishing between psychosis and demon possession, facing difficulties, healing deep hurts, and resting. I have taught counseling at Cairn University in their degree completion program, Sandy Cove Family Camp (Conference), and churches. I have spoken to large or small audiences, spoken on radio and TV (including “live radio).  I have prepared topics or could speak on a particular requested topic.

Pulpit Supply

I preached for 25 years on an average of 2 to 3 times a week. I have preached sermons from most books of the Bible and many topics. I enjoy very much making the Bible come alive (which it is!!). I am relational in my preaching and emphasize application of the truth of a passage. I do expository preaching from a chapter, book of the Bible, or on a topic.


I was Clinical Supervisor for Life Counseling in the Jenkintown, PA office for eight years. I did regular/weekly supervision with the therapists in my office over those years. I have done individual supervision of different therapists. In my private practice quite a few of my clients are therapists.   I do regular consultation with therapists sharing insight from my extensive studies and 43 years of counseling experience.

I couldn’t say enough good things about Dr. Moore as a therapist. I have been in therapy for about 10 years and have seen many therapists. Dr. Moore has stood out far above the rest. I have made more progress with him than I have made with any others. His kind, gentle approach and solid sound advice always have me leaving his office with hope for the future.